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Why is cat peeing on couch

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  1. Zulkree2 years ago

    Hi bro, any want tell me what she's name this lady?

  2. Fenrigrel
    Fenrigrel2 years ago

    There is no basis on which Aristotle can argue that the universe is contingent, and if the universe is the effect of a necessary cause, and if that cause is deterministic, then the universe is not in fact contingent, but every bit as necessary as its cause. So Aristotle's necessity requires both agency and free will in order to posit contingency as a category. Without agency and free will, no thing can have been one way or another, it could only be what it

  3. Zuluktilar2 years ago

    Some people really get their kicks these days whether, it's online (mostly online I've noticed) or face-to-face by being super nasty about other people, they actually do not know for no reason other than they get some sort of perverse thrill out of it.

  4. Gagami
    Gagami2 years ago

    Hes not milky in the slightest, hes latino

  5. Nilmaran
    Nilmaran2 years ago

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