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  1. Brale
    Brale2 years ago

    Isn't there like a lot of details that specifically go into raising a baby?

  2. Micage2 years ago

    amazing booobs thxx for share

  3. Nitaxe2 years ago

    Not quite that simple. The determination of the Russian people was bolstered by the arrogant statement of Hitler that they were Less than Human. Stalin was a brutal Leader but he also relied on the Pride of his citizens & their belief that if the Nazis gained control, their lives were over anyway. It's stated that livestock & grain were shipped out to deny the Nazis any sustenance but much was actually destroyed by the farmers leaving themselves in jeopardy. Their stubbornness & pride in my estimation brought the Nazis to their knees. Their stance is comparable on a smaller scale to the current Israelis. Now, who will stand up for Them?

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