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  1. Kagazragore
    Kagazragore2 years ago

    Wait till you get to be old and waking up alone ..some people will get to the point of deep depression and they just might call it quits's up to the individual how they want to live their lives. some can handle it and some can't... and if your words were true, life is always worth living ,,there would be no suicidal people

  2. Dourg
    Dourg2 years ago

    OK but no more than the next girl...oh the next girl is my mate Angie and she loves anime!

  3. Faulabar
    Faulabar2 years ago

    Love it when guys know how to take charge like this. I need to ripped apart by a man who knows how to make me take it like the dirty whore I am.

  4. Akir
    Akir2 years ago

    LOL, trust me, I used to think I was a transgender masculine so I know it's all a crock of shit. a penis is a masculine organ and a vagina is a female organ. you can identify all you want but nothing switches the biological facts. every cell in our figures has a hookup so even cutting off your dick doesn't switch XY chromosomes

  5. Dizilkree2 years ago

    It's Maria, just a local inexperienced lady

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